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Welcome to Pest Control Greenslopes, we are the best Termite control service providers in Greenslopes. We have been working for Termite Control Greenslopes for many years now. With years of experience, we exactly know how to get rid of termites using all the tips and tricks. Our agency is said to be the topmost termite control agency in Kedron. We have a team of professionals that are well-trained, certified, and licensed to provide all kinds of termite control services. For us, our first and foremost priority is to keep your homes safe and away from termites. Hence, we work hard to provide the best results. 

Termite Control Greenslopes

Dedicated Termite control service

When it comes to Termite Control Greenslopes, we offer a wide variety of services. Our services include termite inspection, termite extermination, termite spraying, sanitization, disinfection, and much more. Our professionals work hard to get rid of all the termites from your house. We also sanitize the place after termite treatment to prevent further termite infestations. We offer all kinds of termite infestation removal services under a single roof in Greenslopes. 

Termite inspection For All 

A termite inspection is a process in which the number of termites and the places where they hid is surveyed. Later all this data is analyzed and a solution to get rid of those termites is made. It also helps the inspectors to locate the place where the termite infestation is present. 

Pre-purchase building termite inspection

Termites are pests that cause extensive damage to your property and destroy your furniture. Damage to your furniture and property can cost you a lot. That is why many homeowners prefer to get their buildings or houses checked for termite infestation before moving because homeowner’s insurance is not valid for termites. We can help you in the best way for Pre-purchase building termite inspection. 

Types of termites

There are many different types and species of termites present all over the country. According to data, there are 2,000 types and species of termites present all over the world. Some of the common termites found around us are Formosan termites, subterranean termites, conehead termites, carpenter ants, drywood termites, damp wood termites, etc.

Signs of termite infestation

Signs to look out for in order to know whether there is a termite infestation at your place:

  • Eaten or chewed furniture/wooden objects
  • Holes/tunnels in the wall
  • Discarded wings around windows sills
  • Flying termite sightings
  • Termite droppings

Termite monitoring

This is a process in which termites are monitored in order to keep them away from your house. They are prevented from entry into your house with the help of termite monitoring. It involves using baits and other distracting items. 

Termite baiting

It is the process in which baits are used to control termites. Termite baits consist of wooden material filled with insecticide. Once, the termite eats the wood, the insecticide gets ingested into the termite and kills it slowly.

Termite dusting

Termite dusting is a process in which termites are killed or controlled by spraying certain dust toxicants. These dust toxicants are inserted into the places where termites usually frequent by drilling a hole in the wall. 

Best Termite Controllers In Greenslopes

We are the best termite controllers when it comes to Termite Control Greenslopes. Our agency offers excellent termite control services given above at the most affordable prices. We have a team of professional pest controllers that provide amazing termite control services using the latest tools and eco-friendly products. Apart from that, we provide termite extermination services in all parts of Greenslopes on the very same day of booking with the help of our local professionals. Also, we reach your place as quickly as possible in case of emergencies. We also have a 24/7 customer support team that is always available to solve your termite problems. So, book with us and avail of our amazing services. Give us a call for a booking.

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